Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 5, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 2-5-13

Lindsay Vonn airlifted after crash, Tony Parker after Chris Brown, and Donald Trump suing over WHAT!?!

Olympic Gold Medal skier Lindsey Vonn was airlifted to the hospital after a skiing accident today. According to TMZ reports are she may have broken several bones.

Tony Parker- basketball player who used to be married to Eva Longoria is suing the night club where Chris Brown and Drake along with their posses got into a huge fight resulting in glass getting into Parker’s cornea. Now rumor has it Tony will use Chris Brown’s most recent fight with Frank Ocean in the parking lot of a recording studio as further proof in his court case that Brown is prone to violence and started the fight in the club the night he was hurt.   Yeah- welcome to the way the REST of the world thinks.  Oh…except for Rihanna…cause she’s a dummy.

Donald Trump is suing talking head Bill Maher for $5 million dollars after Maher claimed on his HBO show if Trump could prove he wasn’t part orangutan then he’d donate $5 million to charity- so now Trump shows his birth certificate and wants the money.  Monkey challenged, monkey do.


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