Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 6, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 2-6-13

Chris Brown back in court today, Demi Lovato says she wasn’t ready for X-Factor, and Kim K’s emergency Dr. visit.

Chris Brown back in trouble for possibly forging his community service hours stemming from the Rihanna beating case.  The LA District Attorney says some days Brown claimed to have been in LA doing community service were actually days he was out of the country on tour. He claimed most of it was done at the children’s center his mother used to be the director of and even his own MOM says she never saw him working there.  Even your mom thinks you’re a liar…hmmm…

Demi Lovato reveals in a new interview she wasn’t ready to join The X-Factor as soon as she did after leaving treatment for eating disorders and cutting.  She said she is in a great place now though and is glad she did it. Demi will remain for the next season though Britney Spears and LA Reid are out.

Kim Kardashian had an emergency visit from her doctor after experiencing severe pains while pregnant. The doctor said it was most likely stress related as Kim is still going through a nasty divorce with Kris Humphries WHILE pregnant with Kanye’s baby.  I don’t know what she’s stressed about- people on Jerry Springer do this every day and they still have the energy to throw chairs.



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