Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 13, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 3-13-13

More stars hacked, Kim K’s marriage faked for the cameras, and Justin Bieber suffers a loss.

The hacking continues- this time it’s Mitt Romney and Tiger Woods- the same people who got Michelle Obama’s credit report yesterday. This means full social security numbers and bank account info blasted all over the internet.  These people are GOOD! (I’m mostly saying that so they don’t hack me…you hear me hackers? You’re great!)

The Kim Kardashian/ Kris Humphries marriage STILL won’t die and his lawyers are bringing up scenes she faked while filming her reality show.  Like her reaction to him proposing- apparently she was so shocked her reaction wasn’t very good so they shot it again. Kris wants money from Kim claiming she knew their union was a sham and that he was tricked. This may help his case.

The hamster Justin Bieber gave away randomly to a screaming fan has died.  After he started to lose his hair the teenage girl took him to the vet but it was too late and Pac the 1 year old hamster went to the giant spinning wheel in the sky.


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