Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 14, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 3-14-13

Model hurt in car wreck, Biebs goes on a rant and disses LiLo, and Nicki Minaj missed out on part of Idol.


Model Miranda Kerr suffered a neck injury after a crash in LA on Monday. Her husband Orlando Bloom and their son were not in the car at the time. Kerr is rocking the neck brace but expected to be fine.

Justin Bieber went on an Instagram rant about the negative press he’s been getting lately. How he’s a good person and is successful and NOT going to rehab like reports claim. But then he said “to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan just look at her 2012 tax statements” with a winky face. He later re-posted it with the Lindsay comment deleted.  Someone’s feeling brave…

Nicki Minaj showed up 15 minutes late to the live taping of American Idol because she was caught in traffic on the highway and missed the first of the final 10 performances.  And to be fair it’s not like Nicki gets ready like a regular person- it can take a while to have to put on a completely new face every night.


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