Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 15, 2013

I post this every year but I do so as a warning. Nikki’s St. Patty’s Day nightmare re-lived.

This is my one and only St. Patrick’s Day memory as a child and every year I like to re-live it in all of its glory!!

From the depth of my blog in 2010…here it is….

When I was a kid I had what I like to think of as a “Punky Brewster” style of dressing. I did my best to wear different colored socks (before my mom would catch me and make me change) but I always tried to concoct these amazing outfits I was so proud of. (At which time we recall the cow sweatshirt situation…)

So third grade was no exception.  Sometimes you have to make a broad fashion statement and wear ALL one color- you know- to really prove you stand by it.  My color of choice (like cartoon Nikki’s is today) was purple so I show up to school rocking an ALL PURPLE sweat suit!

So I waltz into Forest Grove Elementary School like the world is my oyster.  Then…I see the worst thing you can possibly see while wearing an all-purple sweat suit…

Except I truly was too young to know that word (the most cursing I had ever heard was the Captain saying “cotton pickin’ ” and “Dog-gone it all”….truth).

Then…the terror began…

I was subjected to a good hour of pinching from every angle- I had NO idea that St. Patrick’s Day was to be taken so seriously. My purple sweatsuit of awesom-ness had failed me…Big time.  I needed a plan to save my butt…LITERALLY…(from the pinching).

One quick fix aaaand….DONE!

All it took was a piece of construction paper and tape and the problem was solved!

Don’t make my mistake though- wear green on St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. Purple sweatsuit Nikki is possibly my favorite of all time.

  2. You would probably look better in blue fleece!

  3. This cartoon never gets old.

  4. I cant belive it is Saint Paddys day on Sunday

  5. Too funny

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