Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 15, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 3-15-13

Charlie Sheen sending a poo-gram to an elementary school, is George Clooney single again? And LiLo is ticked at the Biebs!

Charlie Sheen stands by his request for his fans to smear dog poo on the premises of a school where his young daughter was bullied a year ago. He claims the school did nothing to stop it. The school claims they took appropriate action and probably are investing in some cleaning supplies as we speak.

George Clooney is a single man again. Apparently he and his girlfriend of 2 years, Stacy Keibler (also 18 years younger) have split.  Sources say they both knew it wasn’t going to end in marriage so they decided to call it quits.  Looks like the Cloon is on the hunt yet again.

Lindsay Lohan was NOT happy about Justin Bieber’s diss on his Instagram rant.  Beibs said people comparing his recent troubles to Lindsay need look no further than her recent tax return. BURN.  Linds is TICKED and is allegedly telling friends Karma will get the Biebs…Karma or his voice changing- either/or.



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