Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 19, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 3-19-13

How is Lil’ Wayne now?  Lindsay Lohan’s court sentence and Tiger Wood’s new dumb dumb DUMB girlfriend. (Not like…ACTUALLY dumb but more like…Rihanna-dumb.)


Lil’ Wayne is out of the hospital after suffering seizures from a suspected drug overdose.  The rapper has a long history of codeine addiction-as in drinking cough syrup-he was in the ICU for six days and plans to lay low until he recovers.

Lindsay Lohan chose a locked rehab facility for 90 days for violating parole, she also gets 18 months of counseling, 30 days community service, and 2 more years of probation. All this she chose over jail.  And another day goes by where Lindsay Lohan learns zero lessons. Good work, justice system.

Tiger Woods released a statement on his Facebook profile admitting that he indeed is dating skier Lindsey Vonn.  He asked for the public to respect their privacy like any normal couple. Yes- a normal couple where the guy cheated on his former wife with ohhh 45 strippers and 62 Denny’s waitresses…completely normal.


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