Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 25, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 3-25-13

LiLo’s wild weekend, The latest Bachelor is a pain, and Spice Girl gives up singing for good.

Lindsay Lohan Tweeted last week she wanted us to believe her when she said she will be taking her court ordered rehab sentence seriously. Oh- and she spent the weekend clubbing and boozing with a new guy. That is some gooood prep work for rehab.

Rumor has it the latest Bachelor Sean is being a total diva behind the scenes on Dancing with the Stars. Sources say he talks down to crew members, brags how the show needs him, demands only to be shot by certain camera angles.  Yes, because all the former Bachelors and Bachelorettes have gone on to do UH-MAZING things with their lives.

Posh Spice and professional frowner Victoria Beckham says she is giving up singing for good.  She wishes the rest of the various spices well but says her rock and roll days are behind her. And so is David Beckham soooo…I bet she’s good.


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