Posted by: thenikkiblog | March 29, 2013

I just want this made clear…


















  1. I’m tweeting this to PETA! You gonna be in some kinda shit girl! Your going to have to start kicking people with picket signs when you leave work! Honk if your horny! <– geese honk! Geese honk big time bro!

    • LOL!!!!! I will gladly kick people with signs too. Will you be holding one?

      • Get it!?!? Honk if you’re horny… Geese honk like crazy!

      • I don’t think you get it… Your loss! Hey, what are your honkers up to later? Badumb Cha!

  2. Love it! And so true…those stupid geese. Vicious!

    • They have absolutely no idea who they are dealing with. This is my war flashback.

  3. Way to go Nikki kicking the goose they are really mean

  4. Nikki…FYI Hissing in the Canadian Geese vocabulary is a way of saying they admire you!

  5. GO UINDY>>>> I stepped in Goose poo at least once a week because I was running late and didnt have time to watch as closely as called for when navigating ths sidewalks in the mornings!

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