Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 2, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 4-2-13

MTV star dead, Heidi Klum saves son from drowning, and Lindsay Lohan’s next TV appearance…


A star of MTV’s reality show Buckwild about young adults in West Virginia was found dead yesterday of what might have been carbon monoxide poisoning. 21 year old Shane Gandee went off-roading in his truck with his uncle and one other person and the vehicle was found 2 days later submerged in mud. Police aren’t releasing many more details at the moment but don’t believe it was foul play.

Heidi Klum saved her 7-year old son Henry from drowning when he and 2 nannies were swept away in a rip tide in Hawaii. She and her body guard/boyfriend Martin were able to get them out before they were pulled too far off shore.

And Lindsay Lohan will appear on Letterman to promote her upcoming appearance on Charlie Sheen’s show Anger Management.  The only thing bigger than the gap in Dave’s teeth will be the padlock they put on all the closets so Linds doesn’t steal anything while she’s there.


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