Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 24, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 4-24-13

Amanda Bynes continues her crack-out, Bachelor’s cover blown (hehehe…pun intended), and Biebs gets tats.


Former child actress Amanda Bynes still on the path to the looney bin.  Residents of her New York City apartment complex say the Nickelodeon star wanders the halls making noises, talking to herself in nonsensical language, and  claiming she is being spied on through the metal detectors in her walls. Someone get a straight jacket and just go get her, already!

Hollywood is not the place to parade around a fake V-card and former bachelor Sean Lowe is finding that out. An insider popped the gossip cherry that Sean and Catherine (who he later proposed to on the show) did do the deed before the show had finished filming and the chastity was all for show.  No kidding!

Justin Bieber just looooves looking awesome so he got some more awesome tattoos.  Along with his owl, Jesus, Chinese symbols, roses, hockey team symbols, Greek letters, and Koi fish he has now added an angel and a tiger. Yes…nothing about these are clique at ALL. Way to be unique Bieber.



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