Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 30, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 4-30-13

A-list actress in rehab, D-list actress that SHOULD be in rehab, and a B-list actress that is going to rehab soon.  LOL It’s a THEME! 🙂

Catherine Zeta-Jones has entered rehab for Bipolar disorder. She also completed time in rehab in 2011 for the same issue.

Crazed actress Amanda Bynes apparently has access to all of her money that her parents put away in investments for her when she was older.  The star has become increasingly more erratic and out of control and a few months ago demanded access to her millions to spend as she pleases…and she has been.  I still can’t believe no one has just gone over there, put a sheet over her, and hauled her off to a hospital. Seriously.

Why JUST go to rehab for trouble with the law and substance abuse when you can get paid to blog about it!? Right, Lindsay Lohan.  The actress is in talks for  a deal with Celebuzz to blog during her stay in rehab. And I’m sure-since this IS Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about the posts will be half-finished and blame someone else for the spelling errors.


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