Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 30, 2013

See what all the buzz is about.


The Door1




the door2



  1. Huh?

    • What part is confusing? The giant bee blocking the door or the fact that that bee is jerk? Lol

  2. did you make it in without getting stung? I am impressed that’s a good bee

    • Thankfully!! Lol (and thank you- I Googled real bees and copied them haha)

  3. Apply a tennis or badminton racket! Its a carpenter bee. No sting as far as I know.

  4. Watch out form mr bubble bee

  5. Oh your trying to say a bee wouldnt let you in the door. Oh I see. Ive had similar problems, I hate bees. They are mean and fly around my head all the time.

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