Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 2, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 5-2-13

Former child rapper passes away, Lindsay Lohan NOT in rehab this morning, and Amanda Bynes calls yo ugly.

Chris Kelly- one half of the rap duo Kris Kross was found dead in Atlanta this morning.  Sources close to the 34-year-old said he had been doing a mixture of cocaine and heroin the night before and was found unresponsive by his mother.

Shocker– Lindsay Lohan violates her rehab deal with the court after she was supposed to attend a rehab facility in New York today but at the last-minute hopped a jet to LA after sources say she heard she wouldn’t be able to smoke cigarettes. Maybe it’s just me but wouldn’t it be nice to just go ahead and kick ALL those habits at once?

Amanda Bynes would like you to know that if you call her crazy it’s because you’re ugly.  She said she doesn’t suffer from mental illness and she has many hot friends who back her up and they don’t think she’s crazy…sooo…I guess we’re ALL ugly then.


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