Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 9, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 5-9-13

Choreographer accuses Michael Jackson, Jodi Arias guilty, and Prince Harry comes to town!

Famous Choreographer to the stars Wade Robson is coming out saying Michael Jackson molested him for 7 years.  Sources close to Jackson claim the dancer is just after money since it’s just now coming out but Robson claims he suffered a nervous breakdown which triggered his memory as a child of his time with Jackson and plans to sue the Jackson estate.

The trial of Jodi Arias- the woman accused of stabbing & shooting her former boyfriend ended yesterday with a guilty verdict.  The 32-year-old will face sentencing next for first degree murder and Nancy Grace will take a bubble bath.

And Prince Harry will be making a trip to the United States this week.  No word on whether or not he’ll be throwing any nudie hotel drinking parties but if you’re looking for a hot ginger prince to fondle– maybe track him down-he’ll be on the East Coast.


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