Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 23, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 5-23-13

Jose Canseco accused of rape, Amanda Bynes thinks Google is her ID, and Lil’ Wayne apparently has hit a new level of drug use when you hear the new artist he just signed.

Baseball player Jose Canseco is being accused of raping a fitness model in Vegas. In a bizarre twist, the retired ball player started tweeting the woman’s full name, pictures of her in a bikini, her phone number, and asking her to take a lie detector test with him on live TV.  No matter WHAT happened probably not the best way to handle that, buddy.

Amanda Bynes was rejected from a private jet flight this week after trying to use GOOGLE as her identification instead of having an actual government ID to get through security since her license had been suspended.  She allegedly kept screaming “I’m Amanda Bynes” but the airport was having none of it and she was sent away.   This girl is GREAT at finding new levels of embarrassing.

Lil’ Wayne has signed Paris Hilton to a recording contract on his label. And I thought his face tattoos were the worst idea Weezy ever had.



  1. Using Google IS kind of genius, in theory…minus it not actually working.

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