Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 30, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 5-30-13

Celeb couple finally splits, Rihanna concert gives out STDs, and singer out of the hospital.

Courtney Cox & David Arquette are finally divorced. The couple who had been together for 12 years took 2 years of separation to finally make it final.  They will share custody of 8-year-old daughter CoCo.

A woman is suing MAC cosmetics who were attending a Rihanna concert in Brooklyn promoting Rihanna’s endorsed lipstick. The woman claims the MAC worker put the lipstick on her straight from the tube she used on other people and she ended up with Herpes on her mouth.  You don’t expect to get a disease at a Rihanna concert…now an R Kelly concert on the other hand…

Singer George Michael is out of the hospital after a nasty car wreck. The 49-year-old suffered minor injuries and said the thing that kept him going? Faith…. (lol he totally didn’t say that but I laugh at my own dumb jokes…lol)



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