Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 31, 2013

You know you have a monster in you too.

Party Monster



  1. I like your drawing

  2. Pick-up-able are ya? :]

  3. Single again eh?! I didn’t think it would last… See you at the bars! 😉

    • LOL NO NO– not single– stay away Braska!

      • Awww… Are you sure??? I’m sure you are just telling me that based on this cartoon… Either way if I see you out I will send a drink your way…

      • No I was just saying all three forms are at the bar– not that you can take it home. But I WILL take that drink- the boyfriend says I’m allowed to take those. 😉

      • It clearly says “pick up” all three… And that’s smart of your boyfriend to let you get roofied… Saves him from having to do it… Lol

      • You’re a terrible person have soiled the image of my awesome monster.

  4. Is that the Nickisauraus. You know you get to name it after the person who found it.

  5. Sorry guess I spelled it wrong, Nikkisauraus.

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