Posted by: thenikkiblog | June 5, 2013

Shark Week aka the funniest thing that happened to me all week.

Plastic Shark1




plastic shark2




plastic shark3







plastic shark4




plastic shark belt(ACTUAL PHOTO!)

Plastic Shark5

plastic shark6

plastic shark7

 plastic shark8



  1. I bet you LOVE shark week, don’t you?! I LOVE shark week too!

    • Lol I’m terrified of what you think Shark Week is, Braska…

  2. I like your drawing of the shark

  3. What are the uses for your 4 plastic sharks?

    • Surprise Shark Presents!! Lol I’m gonna put them places to cheer people up!

  4. Shark week at work! Yikes! Get WC Fields back!

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