Posted by: thenikkiblog | June 11, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 6-11-13

Mumford & Sons member in the hospital, Glee star getting a divorce, and Amanda Bynes crazy-ing it up on Twitter.

Mumford & Songs bassist Ted Dwane was rushed to the hospital yesterday for surgery on a blood clot on his brain.  The band will postpone the next 3 shows and reschedule while they wait for their friend to get well.

Glee actress Jane Lynch is getting a divorce from her wife of 3 years. The two met in 2009 and Jane was the step-mother to Lara’s two children.  The couple asks for privacy.  Maaannn- I read her auto-biography & she said the nicest stuff about her wife– this one bums me out.

And Crazy Crazy Amanda Bynes has gone from asking Drake on twitter to murder her lady bits, to calling him ugly, to saying she likes him BECAUSE he’s ugly… and also said he knows he’s ugly because she’s spoken with him. Maybe Drake is just the name of one of the voices in her head?


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