Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 17, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 7-17-13

Glee actor’s autopsy, Chris Brown MIGHT go jail (and also hits women), and Bobby Brown is mad (and ALSO also hits women)… yikes.

Glee actor Cory Monteith’s autopsy revealed the actor died of an overdose of heroine.  The 31-year-old had been struggling with addiction for many years.

Chris Brown had his probation revoked in LA for his whole hit & run incident in which the judge basically felt he acted shady after including lunging at the woman whose car he hit, screaming, & cursing.  He wasn’t jailed & has another hearing set for August…fingers crossed his next outfit is bright orange because Chris Brown<—-hits women.

Bobby Brown is mad his daughter with Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina got engaged & her fiance didn’t ask him for permission. No offense, but if Bobby Brown said yes that’d mean he thought it was a good idea. And anything that Bobby Brown thinks is a good idea…probably isn’t. I wouldn’t have asked either.




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