Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 19, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 7-19-13

Royal baby update, Biebs officially named in police report, and someone dares take on Oprah…bad idea.

Kate Middleton is officially at her due-date according to Radaronline.  They claim an inside source at the hospital said the staff waiting for the royal to give birth were instructed not to consume alcohol a month before the due date…yeah because when I give birth to my first child I want the staff to be cranky and annoyed because they haven’t had any fun for a month.

The man who claims Justin Bieber spit in his face at a 21-and-over nightclub in Ohio has filed a police report.  It also claims Biebs called his mother the b-word, his dad the b-word, and of course him the b-word. Yo mama jokes? This is one classy 19-year-old kid, folks.

A woman who was in the movie The Color Purple with Oprah is going on record calling Oprah all types of names & saying how insecure & mean she is.  Uhmmm…has no one told Rae Dawn Chong that people who mess with Oprah commit career suicide? Just ask James Frey.


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