Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 30, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 7-29-13

Bieber’s bus busted with drugs at the border (so much alliteration!), Lindsay taking over for Chelsea, and you might be seeing more of Weiner’s phone fling- MUCH more.

If you’re shocked you’re dumb.  One of Justin Bieber’s tour buses had drugs seized off of it at the border of Canada and Michigan.  A drug dog found weed & the driver was cited & allowed to go on his way. Justin wasn’t on the bus at the time buuutttt….yeah.

Things are looking for up Lindsay Lohan- she reportedly will fill in for talk show host Chelsea Handler on E! network on August 5th’s show when she leaves rehab.  It’ll be interesting for her to be hosting the show that makes a living off of making fun of her! Very brave! 🙂

Sydney Leathers- the Indiana girl involved in the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal was seeing getting into a car with the head of Vivid Entertainment (you know– adult movies).   So clearly she’s not wasting any time using all of this attention to a life-ruining advantage. Good luck with that, dummy.

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