Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 12, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 9-12-13

Tiger Woods may have gotten what was coming to him (and no- not more Denny’s waitresses), Demi Moore might have a new flame, and Someone has a baby!

Emily Blunt is pregnant! You know- the actress who is married to John Krasinski who is from the office. That baby is going to be…boring…yup…kind of boring.

Did super cheaty Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsey Vonn the Olympic skier might be giving him a taste of his own medicine. Reports say she and friends went to a concert and ended backstage where she was face first in an unidentified man’s face.  Is it wrong to feel like he kind of deserves it?

This can’t be real but RadarOnline is reporting Demi Moore is dating the dad or her former boyfriend Harry Morton– the dad is actually closer to her age at 66 (Demo is 50) than the son who is 31 buuuuttt…ew, Demi…ew.



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