Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 13, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 9-13-13

Nicole Kidman hit by a biker, Lindsey’s mom arrested, and Jon Gosselin has a new job…and it’s not pretty.

Nicole Kidman was straight up crashed into by a paparazzi on a bike when she was leaving a hotel in New York. She didn’t press charges because it was an accident but she was NOT happy.

Lindsey Lohan’s mom was arrested for a DUI in Long Island last night after being caught going 77mph in a 55 zone. Her BAL was .20 more than twice the legal limit. Also, in typical Lohan fashion she had to add extra drama to the incident by accusing cops of assaulting her during the arrest. Of which medics who checked her out refuted. Nice…

And oh how the semi-known reality mighty have fallen. TLC’s show Jon & Kate Plus 8 made Kate and Jon Gosselin a lot of money & a bitter divorce reeeaaallly screwed that up.  Jon has been spotted waiting tables at a pub in Pennsylvania and sources say he’s struggling to make rent on a tiny cabin he’s living in.  How’s that for reality, Jon?


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