Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 17, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 9-17-13

What cause Miley’s break-up allegedly, Britney’s big announcement, and Big Bang cast wants mulah!

Miley Cyrus is now a single lady after she and Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement and many friends and sources are claiming the twerk-splosion on the VMAs was the final straw for Liam who was struggling with Miley airing out her rebellious phase for the whole world to see. 

Britney Spears will be performing in Vegas for the next 2 years at Planet Hollywood. So if you’re ready to spend some of your gambling money on a awkward lip-syncing show then Britney: Piece of Me is for YOU!

The Big Bang Theory cast is banding together to demand more money- which…to be fair they probably deserve. It’s basically the #1 show in America and CBS isn’t making butt loads of money off of Hawaii Five-0 sooo…time to pay up.



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