Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 27, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 9-27-13

Amanda Bynes may be locked up for a while, hearts break around the world as actress gets engaged, and

Amanda Bynes’ mom has pulled her bid for conservatorship because Amanda’s doctors have given her the power to make all financial and medical decisions for her daughter while she is on psychiatric hold which could extend to 2015.  That’s very good news. Get better, Amanda!

Kanye West got CRAZY on Twitter last night after Jimmy Kimmel made fun of him on his show. Kanye sent a ton of tweets in all caps calling Jimmy all sort of names and Jimmy just responded asking Kanye to use his twitter name when he yells at him so he can see it. NICE!

Time to crush some nerd dreams. Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory is engaged to her boyfriend Ryan Sweeting- a tennis player she’s been dating for three months! WHOA! Hang tight though, dudes- maybe it won’t last? Do the math.


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