Posted by: thenikkiblog | October 30, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 10-30-13 MY PARTY IS TOMORROW FOOLS!!!

Seriously….seriously. Come to my party.

Nightmare Ball magnetCollect your very own Nikki’s Nightmare Ball Magnet from Bottoms Up Beer!!

OK! Onto the celebs!  Jo Bros are FINISHED, Guy Fieri gets into fight with his…hairdresser, and Chris Brown sucks.

The Jonas Brothers are done and aren’t saying much other than there were complications in the band that had never been addressed. So now they’re focusing on being brothers first instead of a band. Which means they’ll go back to beating up Nick.

Chris Brown, who hits women, has entered rehab for anger management.  That’s a start. How many bars are on the outside of this rehab? Maybe we should add a few more. Oh, Heck! Why not just send him to prison! That’s basically the same, right?

Guy Fieri was filmed in a roadside fight with his hairdresser.  The two were cursing and hitting and kicking.  Sources say they had both been drinking and that the two are all good now.  He PAYS someone to do that to his hair?

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