Posted by: thenikkiblog | October 31, 2013

Nikki’s Halloween Quickies! 10-31-13 SCARYYYY!!!

Actress getting bad rep in Hollywood for being snobby, Lamar trying to get clean, and former Playmate pregnant.

Actress Anne Hathaway attended charity cancer event but before she agreed to do it there were rules everyone had to follow. No one was allowed to talk to her.  Other stars who attended the event did not make the same demands however & staff reported she was rude & rolled her eyes the whole time.

Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian were seen together at a Kanye West show this week and sources say Lamar is trying to get his drug addiction under control to save his marriage.  Fingers crossed he can get clean! Good luck!

Former playmate & Hugh Hefner girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant with baby #2 along with husband, Hank Basket.  She tweeted a picture of the pregnancy test stick…ewww she basically tweeted something she peed on.



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