Posted by: thenikkiblog | November 8, 2013

Nikki’s Quickies 11-8-13

Tom Cruise admits Scientology ruined his marriage, Denise Richards wants Charlie’s kids out, and I seriously am so tired of Justin Bieber.

Tom Cruise in his deposition for a lawsuit against a tabloid admitted that Katie Holmes left their marriage partly because of his crazy religion, Scientology and that their daughter, Suri was no longer a member of the church. Now Tom will have to hang out with the aliens all by himself.

In the midst of a custody battle between Charlie Sheen and his ex Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife Denise Richards says she can’t care for the twins Charlie and Brooke share because the boys are so out of control & she’s worried for her own kid’s safety. I don’t blame her.

Video of Justin Bieber stealing a patrol cop’s bicycle in a Vegas Casino and riding it around before being busted and yelled at by security has surfaced.   Folks, now you see what happens when you take a child and let them do whatever they want for 9 or 10 years…they stay a child.


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