Posted by: thenikkiblog | January 8, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 1-8-14

Lindsey’s computer is stolen, Miley and Jennifer Aniston fighting over the same man, and Liza wants to give Matthew her Oscar.

Lindsey Lohan’s computer was stolen from the airport in China where the actress receiving a fashion achievement award. Linds tweeted she would give a reward to anyone who returned it. I guess we’ll see whose reward is bigger, Lindsey’s or TMZ’s?

Miley and Jennifer Aniston are fighting over the same hair stylist. Chris McMillan who is responsible for both “The Rachel” and Miley’s pixie cut and was apparently Jen’s right hand man before Miley showed up and now she’s getting ticked that Chris isn’t giving her his time.  Guys… in the world of celebrity hair…this means war.

Liza Minnelli offers to give Matthew McConaughey her Oscar if she wins instead of him for his movie Dallas Buyers Club. Liza won for Cabaret many years ago but hey- an Oscar is an Oscar even if it’s used!

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