Posted by: thenikkiblog | February 4, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 2-4-14

Diddy MIGHT be engaged, Ryan Gosling MIGHT be becoming a dad, and death threats on Twitter because that’s somehow ok? (It’s not…sarcasm is hard to type.)

 might have proposed to his longtime girlfriend Cassie. The rapper posted a picture of a giant rock on his Instagram asking “baby do you like it?” and later a picture of her wearing it on her ring finger went online. Mo’ Money Mo’ diamonds!

Actress Eva Mendes might be pregnant- she reportedly told TSA at a security check she couldn’t go through the body scanner because she was pregnant.  Whose baby is it? She hasn’t been photographed with Ryan Gosling in a while but that doesn’t mean they split– ooooh I love the suspense!

Stop with the twitter death threats, people. Dr. Luke the music producer who Ke$ha’s mom blames for her daughter being in rehab for an eating disorder is getting death threats from her fans, including tweeting his address out. Whatever hormones are surging through all of your 13-year-old bodies don’t threaten people’s lives–seriously, stop.


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