Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 4, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 4-4-14

Letterman’s announcement, reality star pregnant, and Kardashian/Jenner foolery.


David Letterman announced he is retiring after decades on the air.   The late night host plans to hang up the…coffee cup(?) in the next year or so.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull a Leno and come back.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki is pregnancy again! It will be her second child with husband Gianni.  The pint-sized meatball will have another offspring to rub bronzer all over.  (Confession: I love her.  Have you seen how good she looks now?? —>

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner are claiming they are reunited.  I hate to assume…ok that’s not true…I love to assume but I’m calling reality show fakery on this one. I don’t buy it.




  1. Snooki isn’t married yet. They’re engaged and apparently have their wedding already scheduled sometime around when baby #2 is due

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