Posted by: thenikkiblog | April 9, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 4-9-14

Jillian Michaels not happy, Jesse McCartney is sorry, and Lindsay Lohan has more excuses.


People magazine reporting Jillian Michaels wants off the Biggest Loser stating she doesn’t like the direction the show is going and was concerned for the health of some of the contestants.  I get it.

Singer Jesse McCartney had a birthday party in Atlantic City and his table was cut off after his friends got too drunk and rowdy.  The newly 27-year-old apologized to club owners and tried to make it up to the club by taking pictures with fans– at least he said he was sorry!

Lindsay Lohan is saying the reality show she did for Oprah’s network OWN ruined her chances at a legit comeback after the rehabbed actress admitted to a relapse on camera.  Yeah- except I watch the show and she’s barely in it because she’s not just not showing up for acting gigs, she barely showed up for reality show taping. You watch & you wouldn’t want to work with her either.


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