Posted by: thenikkiblog | May 15, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 5-15-14

Bieber thinking he can do whatever he wants again, Robin Thicke trying to get Paula back, and Rihanna breaks a guys phone & does more than apologize.


Justin Bieber is accused of attempted robbery of a cell phone. He was at some batting cages & thought some woman took a picture of him, demanded she delete them, reached into her purse and took her phone and yelled at her according to the police report. Bieber & his cronies are known for demanding no one take pictures of him out in public, taking, and smashing phones of people who do. 


Robin Thicke still trying to get his wife, Paula Patton back after being all cheaty. This Sunday he will perform a song he wrote called “Get Her Back” at the Billboard Music Awards. Yes- this public song should totally cancel out your philandering!

And some good celeb news! Rihanna was asked by an LAPD officer to take a selfie at a Clippers game earlier this month & accidentally dropped the officer’s phone. Instead of being mad he asked her to sign the smashed phone to have auctioned off for charity. She did & also donated $25,000 to the charity as well!



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