Posted by: thenikkiblog | June 2, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 6-2-14

Passing of a TV icon, Bieber apologizes, and reality star arrested.

Ann B. Davis more well-known as Alice from the Brady Bunch has passed away at the age of 88.  Davis won several Emmy’s and was described by her former Brady Bunch cast mates as an amazing woman.

Justin Bieber is apologizing for a video that surfaced of him at 15 y/o making a racial joke which included the N-word.  He says he’s sorry for his inexcusable behavior and those it offended and that he was young and ignorant.  Knowing how many black friends he has now I can honestly say I believe him…and that was painful to admit.

Ray-J, singer Brandy’s brother,  the one who starred with Kim Kardashian in the infamous  sex-tape and an all around cartoon of a human being was arrested in LA Friday night after a woman complains he grabbed her behind at a hotel bar, was asked to leave, became belligerent with staff, refused to leave, and was arrested, then spat in a cop’s face. For the love of Ray-J- that was a bad choice.





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