Posted by: thenikkiblog | June 3, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 6-3-14

Dina Lohan sentenced, Cameron Diaz might be dating a washed up rocker, and Donald Sterling is ridiculous.

 Dina Lohan- Lindsay’s mom was sentenced in her DWI case with 100 hours of community service and losing her license for a year.  The judge also yelled at her saying she was lucky she didn’t kill anyone and that Dina might not be so lucky next time. Dina said there won’t be a next time. Good call, Dina.

Benji Madden won’t exactly confirm he’s dating Cameron Diaz even though the two have been seen spending some time together.  From Justin Timberlake to a guy from Good Charlotte….iiiinteresting. 

One way to prove you’re not racist is to attend an all-black baptist church in LA and invite a bunch of camera crews to join you and film the fact that you’re attempting to prove you’re not a racist…according to Donald Sterling…Some people welcomed his presence and others got up and left.  It’s like that age old saying: If a racist does something not racist-y but has a camera crew follow him…did he really do anything not-racist at all?


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