Posted by: thenikkiblog | June 10, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 6-10-14

Sterling re-starts lawsuit, Miley might be fighting with Selena, and Lil’ Kim gives birth…the baby name is a trip.

Donald Sterling has now decided to recant his acceptance of the sale of the LA Clippers and re-start his lawsuit against the NBA for $1 Billion dollars saying he does not agree with the sale now.  The interesting part is when the Clippers were sold Shelly Sterling, Donald’s wife signed a contract saying the NBA was released from all lawsuits involving this issue leaving the Sterling’s liable which means Donald Sterling will now just be suing himself.

During her concert in Italy Miley took a cardboard cut out of Selena Gomez a fan threw on stage and held it saying “I’ve got two letters for you-  one of them is F and the other is U”.  So It’s possible they’re fighting or Miley is just being Miley? A Disney feud would be more fun though.


Lil’ Kim gave birth to her baby girl.  She named her Royal Reign.  See before everyone was worried Lil’ Kim might be going off her rocker a little with all the plastic surgery but now they KNOW for sure! Good luck, little baby!



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