Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 11, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 7-11-14

Cheryl Burke defends her body, Ke$ha opens up about rehab, and Dallas Davidson says someone else MADE him say those terrible words…right.

Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke is not sick or has an eating disorder she says after fans went nuts over an Instagram picture the dancer posted.  Cheryl had long faced criticism of people saying she was overweight and is now annoyed that she gave up drinking,  lost weight, & people say she’s sick.  Can’t please anyone, Cheryl, especially the internet.

Ke$ha opens up about her eating disorder and how she felt like a fraud for telling people to love themselves but wasn’t loving her body or treating it right by starving herself.  The singer says she let the criticism on the internet get the best of her but she’s in a much better place now. Keep it up, Ke$ha!

Country singer Dallas Davidson says he only screamed racial & homophobic slurs at another Nashville bar patron because he was sent into a blind rage.  He says he was provoked…hmmm except when I’m super angry I know for sure I don’t drop F or N-bombs soooo…nice try.


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