Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 22, 2014

Nikki’s BACK! And here are her Quickies 7-22-14

Cops say Bieber’s neighbors can handle him themselves, Kanye talks Kim marriages issues, and Sofia Vergara dating WHO!?!?!

Cops were called to Justin Bieber’s house 6 times over the weekend for a crazy party he threw.  Residents in his Beverly Hills condo complex have been told by p0lice no one  can be arrested for a crime if they don’t see it BUT if the residents see something bad happen they can enact a citizen’s arrest! This should be fun.

Kanye West admits he and wife Kim Kardashian had to learn to communicate after they got married.  Apparently taking a bunch of selfies and tweeting them out while in the same room doesn’t count as communicating anymore.

Super hot Sofia Vergara is apparently dating super hot Joe Manganiello!  I’m not sure the world can handle such a combination of sexy good looking people. We all better buy helmets.


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