Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 25, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 7-25-14

Disney Star in trouble for death threats, singer wins lawsuit, and are two A-list actors engaged?

Orlando Brown from Disney’s That’s So Raven is being investigated for allegedly making death threats on tape against a woman he says is stalking him. Brown was outside the woman’s apartment and the tape has a man’s voice threatening to kill her, her mother, and her daughter. Brown’s people claim it wasn’t him on the tape.  That’s so Orlando.

Adele won a lawsuit against paparazzi agency who took pictures of her young son without her permission and published them worldwide.  The UK has some strict laws when it comes to photographers and stars so they owe Adele money and agreed never to publish the photos again. NICE!

Charlize Theron might be engaged to Sean Penn.  Photographers caught her with a giant rock on her ring finger.  And if she’s ever in trouble she can rest assured he will show up unexpectedly, give her bottled water, and record a commercial about how she needs saving.


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