Posted by: thenikkiblog | July 29, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 7-29-14

Gossip about Jay-Z elevator fight, nerdy jerks need to be checked, and if you thought the Kardashians couldn’t be any dumber…welcome CHRIS BROWN to that equation.

Page Six reporting the real reason behind the Solange-Jay-Z elevator fight might have been Rihanna.  Rumors surface randomly that Hov and Ri might have a fling going on and that night he allegedly was supposed to go meet Rihanna and Beyonce’s sister was NOT pleased. Fingers crossed THAT’S not true.

Comic-Con having a ton of reports of sexual harassment.  Apparently nerdy put on their Superman costumes, it makes them feel brave, and think that gives them permission to grab girls’ bits and pieces.  NERD ALERT: Never touch somebody without their permission- no matter WHAT they’re wearing.

Oh good….the two youngest Kardashian sisters; Kylie and Kendall are hanging out with Chris Brown….because that’s what 16 &  18 year-old little girls should be doing…hanging out with a person who hits women. (In case you forgot- Chris Brown hits women.)


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