Posted by: thenikkiblog | August 19, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 8-19-14

The passing of a legend, comedian gets engaged, and ABC Family teen star flips out.

Sad news: Don Pardo the legendary voice behind Saturday Night Live’s opening credit announcements passed away at the age of 96.   He opened the very first episode of SNL in 1975 and has been doing the show ever since. He’ll be missed.

Comedian Kevin Hart engaged to girlfriend Eniko Parrish with a rock the size of North Dakota. It happened on the same night is ex-wife Torrei Hart debuted on VH1 reality show “Atlanta Exes” who also claims Hart’s new fiance is the reason the married couple split.  Iiinteresting.

Jake T. Austin from the show The Fosters (if you’re saying “who? From what?” I know) apparently threw a massive fit backstage at the Teen Choice Awards when he wasn’t allowed into a gifting suite when the worker didn’t recognize him. Austin allegedly starting screaming that he was a presenter, threw an empty shoebox at the female employee, and then later returned with his mom (classy move, kid) continuing to make a scene. Austin was busted for a DUI late last year so it looks like he’s doing just fine.


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