Posted by: thenikkiblog | August 26, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 8-26-14

Prime Time Emmys, VMA scandal, and Bieber possibly having charges pressed on him again.

The Prime Time Emmys were last night & Breaking Bad did very well along with Sherlock: His Last Vows which took home the most of the awards for the night.  Gwen Stefani even channeled John Travolta trying to pronounce The Colbert Report!

VMA insiders are claiming Nicki Minaj’s Bang Bang wardrobe malfunction might have been STAGED. They say the dress was unzipped the same way in rehearsals and that she was messing with it to see how much skin would show.  Oh, your Minajesty…that’s not good.

Justin Bieber has this thing where he’s out in public, someone takes a picture of him, he lunges at them, steals their phone, & deletes the pictures.  He’s been reported to authorities several times for this and he did it again Monday night. The guy whose phone it was is pressing charges for attempted robbery. Just because you shaved off that hideous mustache does not mean you are above the law, Biebs.


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