Posted by: thenikkiblog | August 27, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 8-27-14

Who is blabbing about Nick & Mariah’s divorce, update on Miley’s homeless friend, and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT’S COMING BACK!!!!

Nick Cannon is locked down from talking about his possible divorce from Mariah Carey but his dad isn’t and is just yammering on to anyone who will listen. Page Six is reporting James Cannon is reportedly claiming Nick never cheated but could have and that might have led to the troubles in their marriage.  Don’t you just love in-laws?

That homeless guy Miley had read her VMA speech- wonder about his story?  Jesse Helt left his loving family in Oregon to go to Hollywood to become a male model and didn’t book many gigs which left him without money or a place to live.  Oh- and he when he left Oregon he skipped out on the probation from the several drug & robbery related arrests he had back home & is wanted by police. Good news for police in Oregon; Miley bought him a plane ticket home so he should be there soon.

John Stamos announced a Full House reboot is happening with pretty much the full cast on board minus the now very private Olsen twins.  First the hot mess Saved By The Bell movie on Lifetime and now THIS!?! Best.Year.Ever.


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