Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 19, 2014

Nikki’s 9-19-14

Keanu Reeves is safe, Robin Thicke was stranded, and Daniel Radcliffe is super nice.

Keanu Reeves had some chick point breaking into his house & just sitting in his library when he woke up, she calmly said she was there to meet him, he calmly called 911, and police calmly took her away for a psych evaluation. Best movie he’s ever made.

Robin Thicke went to Cabo & then got stranded there because of a hurricane.  The singer had to wait in food lines and wait on a rescue along with 30,000 other people.  He finally hopped a military plane out of the island after a few days.  It’s just not his year, huh?

Apparently two years ago Daniel Radcliffe was out partying with some guys and didn’t have cash to take a cab home so a guy from the Dublin football team paid for his cab. Dan promised to pay him back and kept to his word. Mailed the guy a hand-written note along with the cash thanking him for the cab fare.  Harry Potter is still super magical, guys.

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