Posted by: thenikkiblog | September 23, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 9-23-14

Kris Jenner’s divorce, an SNL cast member possibly, leaving, and Jonas brothers SHARING a girl?

Just in time for the media hype behind Kim & Kanye’s wedding to die down Kris Jenner has filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner in a perfectly timed moment.  The two had been living separately for a while & I’m sure this will be a perfect moment on their reality TV show for all to see.

TMZ is reporting Keenan Thompson is leaving Saturday Night Live. Saturday night live is saying “the cast for next season hasn’t even been decided so how could you even know that” and then TMZ is all “Keenan told us”.

Joe Jonas has been seen out with Gigi Hidad (you might know as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Yolanda’s daughter) which is neat except NICK JONAS USED TO DATE HER…. ewwww.  If you’re brothers but also Eskimo brothers does that make you…the same person?


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