Posted by: thenikkiblog | October 13, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 10-13-14

NBC crew being dumb, Chris Brown being dumb, and two random people are dating!

NBC’s crew that were exposed to Ebola are doing a STUPID DUMB job at their voluntary quarantine by oh-I don’t know- GOING TO RESTAURANTS!  Dr. Nancy Snyderman was spotted out with her husband while he ran into a place to get food. Now New Jersey has put the crew on mandatory quarantine because if a bunch of people get Ebola because Nancy needed soup it’s gonna be BAD.

Speaking of dumb and Ebola- Chris Brown tweeted he thought Ebola was some sort of population control…. and then the internet let him have it so he then tweeted he was going to keep his mouth shut. Good plan. Also a good plan? Not hitting women.

Kat Denning from Two Broke Girls is totally dating Josh Grobin! I can’t think of a more perfect combo of two people I genuinely like but keep forgetting to watch or listen to what they do for a living. Happy for you guys!


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