Posted by: thenikkiblog | October 17, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 10-17-14

Cause of death for Joan, reality star kicked out of home, and star breaks off engagement.

Joan Rivers’ cause of death was finally released and it turns out it was lack of oxygen to her blood during her procedure.  The result was brain damage on the 81-year-old comedian. Now the question will be if it’s “just one of those things that happens” or someone at the medical center wasn’t paying attention.

John & Kate Plus 8 star John Gosselin was evicted from the home he was renting Pennsylvania for failure to pay his rent and bouncing checks.  He also was allegedly let go from his bus boy job at a local pub for failure to show up to his shifts.  Sounds like maybe his kids should loan him some of that TV money.

Charlie Sheen and his adult film star “goddess” turned Fiance have *gasp!* called off their wedding! I for one…am SHOCKED.  They decided that their drug & relations fueled relationship WASN’T real love…well now I’ve heard everything. #Winning



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