Posted by: thenikkiblog | November 7, 2014

Nikki’s Quickies 11-7-14

Brit’s new guy, Ferguson’s last guest, and Zuckerberg’s feelings hurt.

Britney Spears confirmed there is someone special in her life and we’re pretty sure it’s Charlie Ebersol- the son of one of the co-creators of SNL.  She says it’s very new and I say anything is better than K-Fed!

Apparently Jay Leno will be the last guest on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show. Aren’t you supposed to want to end your final show on a high note? Fail.

Mark Zuckerberg says the movie The Social Network made up a bunch of stuff about him like that he made Facebook to attract girls or that he drank Apple-tinis which he claims he had never heard of until the movie and it hurt his feelings. So there you go, Winklevoss twins!  It’s even. You may now move on.


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